To us, simply producing a "good" product is never good enough

We never rest to stay The
best of the best!

To us, simply producing a "good" product is never good enough

We never rest to stay The
best of the best!

Our innovative, clean and safe chafing fuel range has got it all: from liquid to gel fuels, satisfying the local and international food service industry.

Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel

highly cost effective Methanol Gel

D.E.G. Wick Chafing fuel

eco-friendly, Safe and Efficient fuels

Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel

odor-free and Carbon monoxide-free


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Diamond Line FZCO has distinguished itself in the hospitality industry, gaining an ever-growing reputation as a 5-star manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of hospitality products that fulfill the highest global standards.

Our Satisfied Clientele:

The long list of our satisfied international and local customers solidifies our status as a leading manufacturer and distributor in the Middle East. Since our inception, we have achieved an astoundingly impressive customer retention rate of 97%! Diamond Line is now expanding its customer base by 5% – 7% annually.

We are “down to earth” in saving the earth



Private Labeling

The Diamond Line product development team will be more than hanov to hen with vour private label reguirements

  • Flexible production setting to better meet your needs
  • Customized filling and packaging specifications
  • Currently manufacturing 25 successful brands
  • Producing your brand at highly competitive prices
  • Minimal charges on multiple brand production*
  • Offering full support in maintaining your brand interest
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • *minimum quantity applies
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    Product Range

    With every single product we supply, our clients are guaranteed of world-class quality. Our wide range offers you diversity and flexibility in choosing the exact products that suit your unique needs.

  • Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel
  • D.E.G. Wick Chafing Fuel
  • Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel
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    Best Practices

    We plant the seeds of environmental friendliness so that future generations can harvest the benefits. As a people-centric organization we are also over-protective about our employees’ safety.

  • International Safety Standards
  • Recyclable Steel Cans
  • Minimum Waste Green Initiative
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Environmental Friendly Manufacturing Process
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    Diamond Line is a close-knit, stellar team of multi-talented visionaries handling the most prestigious brands in global hospitality.

    With an annual capacity of 36 million cans, our outstanding chafing fuel manufacturing facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, satisfies customers across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.

    We will keep improving our production targets, delivery lead times, product and service quality.


    Quality Policy

    Why you Should Choose Our Products

    Our hotel supplies and chafing fuels meet or exceed all requirements of customers or regulators:

    • We adopt a Quality Management System, Good Manufacturing Practices and prioritize customer satisfaction, employee safety and environmental friendliness.

    • We keep our personnel motivated to enhance quality consciousness.

    • Quality assurance is non-negotiable in purchasing, maintaining, manufacturing, testing, distributing and marketing all our products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a clean, odorless and smokeless fuel designed to be burned directly from its can. amheat offers ethanol (clean and green), methanol (clean and cost efficient) and wick DEG (Liquid Diethylene Glycol), which is long-lasting. All three are used as a warming device to maintain the served food temperature.

    Yes, all three variations (ethanol, methanol and wick) are safe to use indoors.

    Keep amheat fuel for a maximum of two years, as denatured alcohol reaches the evaporation stage after 2 years of storage.

    Yes, you can buy amheat in bulk from Diamond Line. For small quantities, we will be happy to direct you to one of our qualified distributors around the world.

    No; recommended storage temperatures are 40-120°F or 4-49°C. Store under a shade in high temperatures to minimize evaporation rates.
    The flame from an alcohol mixture is normally blue and sometimes invisible. Always assume a flame is present until properly extinguished, use safe handling procedures when lighting amheat Gel Chafing fuel. (Learn more in our “Material Safety data sheet”)
    Definitely; amheat cares deeply about the environment and aims for minimal wastage.
    Yes, we offer shipping directly to our customers with preferred rates from our trusted shipping agents. We also offer shipping insurance if required.
    Gel requires more time than wick as it needs the DG (dangerous goods) approval from the shipping line.

    If it is only a few cans, make sure the lid is secured tightly and dispose in a normal manner. If it is a large quantity, contact your local waste collection service for information.

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    Jebel Ali Free Zone
    PO.Box. 33084. Dubai – UAE

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